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Category: Recipes + Snacks / Treats

Salted Caramel Bliss Balls 24/10/14 Oh my goodness, you need to make these These little balls of goodness are so simple to make, and yes they have natural sugars… so don’t go crazy, but ENJOY! Maple syrup is actually super… READ MORE >
Healthy snack ideas (when travelling or otherwise) 8/04/14 Healthy snacks are a must in my life (when travelling or indeed, everyday…)  There’s nothing worse than hunger creeping up on you and at the last minute, when you’re about to snap from being so… READ MORE >
Oaty Chocolate Vitality bars 3/03/14   It was a rainy Sunday afternoon and hubby and I felt like a sweet treat that also filled us up. We opened the pantry, pulled out some random ingredients, and these little delights of… READ MORE >
{Guest post} Gluten free Cinnamon, Maple & Pumpkin Muffins 14/02/14   My sis, The Friday Baker, is a little genius. She made these over in London where she’s been living for a little while, so while I haven’t tasted them myself, you can bet they’re… READ MORE >
Apple Berry Lasagne with Coconut Crumble 13/11/13   Crumbles are one of life’s greatest pleasures. This dessert sits comfortably somewhere between a sweet lasagne and a crumble. It’s sugar free and dairy free, and could easily be Paleo by cutting out the… READ MORE >
{Guest recipe} Paleo blueberry cheesecake 1/11/13   I love a healthy cheesecake, and this recipe from the merrymaker sisters is just amazing. Want to know more about the lovely Emma and Carla from Check out their interview on my blog… READ MORE >
10-min Homemade Chocolate (paleo, vegan & sugar/gluten free) 3/10/13   Chocolate is one of life’s greatest pleasures, there’s no debating that. This recipe will give you the rich, chocolatey flavour you love, without the sugar rush. It’s so fast and simple to make and… READ MORE >
Healthy Banana Bread (Gluten Free) 19/08/13   I made a loaf of this gluten free banana bread for brunch with friends, and it was devoured! This recipe for a deliciously moist, sweet and light banana bread comes from The Healthy Chef’s… READ MORE >
Healthy Chocolate Yogo 12/08/13   Does anyone remember Yogo? That thick, chocolatey supermarket snack and dessert of our childhood? I used to love this as an after-school snack. Thankfully, I have created a much healthier version! It’s a delicious… READ MORE >
The Naturopath’s Dandelion Mocha 19/07/13   I love a hot, sweet drink on a cold wintery day. This is the perfect blend of naturopathic naughty (ok it’s not really naughty) and nice, and is simple to make. I hope you… READ MORE >