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Figuring out what to eat can be tricky.


You want to do the right thing for your body, but there’s so much information flying around – Buy this! Eat that! Avoid this at all costs! It’s enough to do your head in!

Ever wished you could cut through the crap and get straight to the truth?

Enter my meal plans!

These babies are designed to give you a fuss-free framework to follow, so that you know exactly which foods to eat to fuel your wellness goals. No more uncertainty, no more food-stress, no more having tuna for lunch seven days straight because you can’t think of anything else.

Instead of wasting time worrying and wondering, all the hard work is done for you. All you have to do is follow the plan, relax, and know that every single food choice you’re making is getting you closer to where you want to be.

One size doesn’t fit all, so there are six meal plans to choose from:

Each plan is based on healing wholefoods – you won’t find any processed junk or ‘diet’ products here! This is all about Mama Nature at her finest (and most delicious!) And because I know you don’t have endless hours to spend in the kitchen, each plan is made up of simple, quick-to-prepare meals to make your life – and health – easier. Choose from:

  • Gluten-free Cutting out gluten can leave you struggling for things to eat – especially things that are both tasty and nutritious. But this plan will show you otherwise! It’s perfect for those wanting to reduce inflammation and heal their gut, and brilliant for sufferers of coeliac disease, autoimmune conditions, thyroid imbalances, fatigue and IBS.
  • Hormone balancing Got adrenal fatigue? PMS? Concerned about reproductive health? This one’s for you. Packed with plant-based hormone-helpers, it’ll have you glowing and radiant from the inside out. Prepare for bounce-outta-bed energy and compliments galore!
  • Paleo Looking to be the healthiest cave-woman in the corporate world? This is a simple, satisfying, clean-eating plan to re-boot your body, ancestral style. You’ll have so much pep and vigour, you’ll be chasing down sabre tooth tigers in no time! (Not suitable for vegetarians).
  • Sugar-free Wanna wean yourself off the sweet stuff? This plan is perfect if you suffer from candida, depression, fatigue or low-immunity. Expect glowing skin, a clear mind, enhanced mood, increased vitality, releasing of excess weight… and that’s just for starters!
  • Vegetarian Are you struggling to figure out whether you’re getting all the nutrients, minerals and protein you need? This is a well-rounded, healthy, plant-based diet, to take all the guesswork out of life as a vegetarian. And once you’re body’s getting all those essential nutrients, you’ll be AMAZED by how good you can feel! (This meal plan does contain eggs and a small amount of dairy.)
  • Weight loss Ready to rock your best bod ever… but want to do it the wellness way? This baby is specially crafted to load you up with nutrients, kick-start your metabolism, and ramp up your fat burning. And the added bonus? Losing weight with wholefoods means that as well as looking great, you’ll feel amazing too.

These plans will help you hone in on what you need to eat and when. No code-cracking or dietary deciphering needed.

They’re designed to give you everything you need to know to map out your meals, with none of the padding. With each plan, you’ll get:

  • A 7-day eating plan loaded with delicious and nutritious meals and snacks, so that every single meal is helping you reach your wellness goals (and I promise, you won’t go hungry!)
  • A food diary, so that you can log your progress and track your results.
  • The absolute TOP nutrition tips and tricks for your chosen wellness area, so that you know what’ll give you the most bang for your nutritional buck.

And for just $15.95 each, they’re small investments that offer big results.

The meal plans come in digital format only, as a PDF, which you can save to your computer, iPad and iPhone. They’re super pretty, so you might want to print them out and stick them on up the fridge so you’re totally inspired to create winning eating habits and fast-track your results.

Want to take the guesswork out of eating right? Ready to rock your healthiest body ever?


I know you can’t wait to get started, so once purchased, you’ll be emailed a link to instantly download your meal plan. You’ll be able to use the download link 3 times, so make sure you save your meal plan to your computer or iBook library. Please note, sales are final and I’m not able to swap meal plans for you once purchased.

Let me know how you go with them. I’d love to hear from you; just email me with your stories and experiences about how you enjoyed the meal plans and how they’ve helped you on your wellness journey.