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Nourish your body. Calm your mind. Shine your light.

Let me ask you a question:
Are you feeling ‘stuck’ in your body or life?

Are you wanting to create more clarity, ease & grace in your body?
Are you feeling burnt out, overwhelmed & disconnected to yourself?
Are you wanting to tune into yourself to find simplicity & spaciousness?

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.

A few years ago, I battled to simplify how I looked after myself. Everything in my life felt cluttered, stagnant and heavy… my body, mind, and spirit.

I was searching for a million things at once (like, a sense of peace and order, calm and ease, in my life and body, someone else to tell me what I was doing ‘wrong’ and make everything feel okay again, the ‘magic pill’ that would make me feel happy in my skin), and I was constantly telling myself there’d be just one thing that I’d miraculously land upon that would change everything for me.

Through all my searching for external validation, through all the detoxes and fad diets I did that I thought would ‘change everything’, I’d stopped listening to my body.

And in the process, I was left feeling exhausted, anxious and depressed.

I was left feeling lost and overwhelmed, and yet I still thought (hoped!) the answer could be found at the bottom of yet another detox-in-a-box program.

But nope… that’s not how true, lasting health and wellness works.

Thankfully, after a lot of introspection, I came to realise that there’d never be just one thing I could do (or buy, or eat) in order to ‘fix’ everything.

There’s no ‘quick-fix’ when it comes to fostering a deep inner connection, or getting to know your true self, or crafting a life that feels so good to live.

I realised I had to look at every area of my life.

I had to look after my body… and my mind. I had to clear mental clutter…. and physical clutter.

I had to make the conscious choice to release overwhelm, perfectionism and overthinking, in order to start fully trusting my body again.

I’m so glad I realised this, because it led me down a path that’s enabled me to create my Cleansed eCourse for you – a total mind, body, spirit, space and life wellness program.

If you’re wanting to up-level your thoughts, your emotions, your mind, your body and your space, I’d be absolutely honoured to welcome you into my Cleansed course, and help you find your Cleansed self.

Things can change for you…

Our crazy-busy lifestyles – and all the stress, worry and anxiety that often that goes with them – means that way too many people are showing up in their daily lives feeling less than stellar.

Somehow, we find our lives filled with junk food, packed schedules, cluttered minds, heavy and stagnant digestion, lowered mood, sapped energy… and more. It can all add up to us feeling… well, not our best selves.

But… you can breathe a deep sigh of relief. Ah, *exhale.*

There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

You don’t need to feel sapped, stuck and strung out any longer.

You just need the right tools and the right advice to help you reignite your inner fire, recharge your soul-batteries and get you back on track.

If you want a life filled with ease and flow, then you belong in my Cleansed eCourse.

What Cleansed is all about…

This is a 6-week online wellness program designed by me, Cassie Mendoza-Jones, an author, naturopath, kinesiologist, nutritionist and herbalist with years of experience guiding women from all around the world from a place of burn-out, depression, anxiety-ridden and bloated days… to a cleansed life full of clarity, confidence, an energetic body, a calm and nourished mind, and a deep connection to their spirit, as well as self-empowered knowledge of what works for them… and what doesn’t.

The course addresses all of the different parts of your wellbeing: your body, mind, spirit, space and life, because as I always say to my clients, there’ll never be just one thing that changes everything for you; it’s going to be a combination of therapies, of modalities, of mindset changes and of gentle modifications.

You can’t look at just one area of your life, ‘fix’ it up and think everything will be different. You have to look at your whole life, and your body, as a whole… and that’s what we do in Cleansed.

It’s a potent mix of content (think PDFs, meditations, worksheets, videos, audios, interviews, group coaching call recordings, and so much more) combined with the power of community, in the form of an exclusive Facebook group. And of course, I’m there every step of the way – leading you through the work, answering all your burning questions, and guiding you on your journey to a happier, healthier you.


Wellness only feels good when we make space for it on every level…

I believe that wellness is so much more than just the foods you eat and the exercise you do (although if you’re a regular round these parts, you’ll know that I’m super passionate about all that stuff too).

True wellness is about healing and balancing all the different parts of yourself – body, mind, spirit, space, and soul. In fact, until you do, you’ll never be able to find the magical sweet spot where life feels really good and everything just flows. That’s why so many quick-fixes fail. And that’s why in the Cleansed eCourse, we dive DEEP into all these areas, to help you get clear and clean on all those different levels.

I also believe that most of us need a whole lot more support than just a list of foods and a workout video. The best way to truly create change is to have heart-fuelled support – gentle hand-holding that will lead you through the ins and outs of every step of the journey. That’s why the Cleansed eCourse is so special (and why it’s got such rave reviews from past participants) – I’m there to guide you throughout the entire process.

Add to that, the potent power of community. When you’re going through the Cleansed eCourse, you’re never alone. Through our exclusive Facebook group, you’ve got access to a whole tribe of like-minded souls on the same journey: figuring things out, taking action, and creating their own version of a beautiful life.

This eCourse will change the way you view your body, mind and spirit, and the way you look after yourself. It’s your chance to reconnect with your body, realign with your truth and reclaim your radiance.

And with Cleansed, ‘healthily ever after’ is just around the corner…


“If you want to assess and reboot your life, do yourself a favour and enrol in Cleansed!

In Cassie’s typically thorough and holistic style, it talks you through gently ‘cleansing’ your mind, body, soul, and everything in between, and steers you towards becoming the brightest, most sparkly version of yourself. The content and workbooks will make you think, but above all, they’ll motivate you to take action – and who doesn’t need a little push every now and then?! It doesn’t matter where you are on your health and wellness journey, I can’t recommend this eCourse enough – Cass, you’ve done it again!”

– Katia Iervasi, Health & Lifestyle Journalist

This is for you if…

  • You’ve been struggling with stress, depression or anxiety, and you want to try natural ways to heal yourself. You know there’s a happier, calmer version of you underneath all the overthinking, constant worrying and negative thoughts
  • You’ve got brain fog, mental fatigue, and a serious lack of concentration, you think it could be adrenal fatigue but you’re not 100% sure, and you really want to start feeling clear and alert. You’ve tired of feeling burnt out, fatigued, and drained and want to start looking after yourself and your energy on a deeper level
  • You feel sad, overwhelmed and unsure of how to look after yourself properly (but you know you need to start!) and you’re ready to make real, lasting change that brings more lightness and ease to your life
  • You’ve been feeling irritated, teary and restless and want to clear this
  • You feel disconnected to yourself and are craving a deeper, and real, connection to yourself
  • You feel bloated, quite often (and can’t really pinpoint why) and this just further makes you feel annoyed at yourself on some level, and makes you worry about your body image when you really, really want to feel more confident in your own skin
  • You feel overwhelmed, stuck and unable to create change in your mind, body, spirit, space or life

If you’re ready to dive deep, look within and do the inner work necessary to bring about amazing change, this course is for you.


What Cassie has does with her ecourse Cleansed is just divine.

Not only does it look beautiful (I know you love pretty things too!) but the content and her delivery of this information is what makes it stand out from all the other courses out there. And the fact that I work in the health industry and still gained soooo much from it is saying something! It reignited not only my general wellbeing and nutrition, but also helped me get a grip in other areas of my life which was lagging (hello adrenal stress!). This is the one you need to be doing to get your sparkle back.

– Lee Sutherland, Health Coach & Personal Trainer at Fitness in the City


Cassie is a glowing example of natural, wholehearted living.

Her knowledge in integrative medicine and ability to work with her clients in all areas of nutrition, herbal medicine and kinesiology makes her approach to wellness both holistic and unique. I feel so incredibly blessed to know Cass and be able to confidently recommend her to my clients, friends, and family for treatments and brilliant resources such as her Cleansed eCourse that seamlessly integrates the healing power of nature, while aligning the mind, body and soul.

– Cara Phillips, Health & Life Coach at


Pre-Course Goodies

Jumpstart your journey tout suite with the amazing pre-course goodies I’ve got lined up to help you uncover your starting point and get organised, including:

  • The pre-Cleanse worksheet, so that you can figure out where you’re at and connect with your ‘why’.
  • The Cleansed shopping guide, so that you can easily and effortlessly start stocking your kitchen with the right stuff.
  • Gorgeously designed daily and weekly self-care planners, food diary, note paper… plus so much more!
  • PLUS: My ‘Release Perfectionism’ guided meditation to get you focused, clear and ready for the next steps

Module 1: Cleansed BODY

To kick off the course, we’re going to get physical. This is where we dive into the stuff that’s keeping your body tired, sluggish and not performing at its peak. We’ll be exploring:

  • How to fix your digestion, once and for all (and why this is the most important thing you can do for your health).
  • Everything you need to know about food intolerances (including how to find out if you’ve got one, and what to do about it).
  • Adrenal fatigue and burnout: what it is, the alarm bells to watch out for, and the naturopathic secrets that can fast-track your healing.
  • The importance of exercise from a very different perspective (this will change the way you view your workouts forever!).
  • PLUS: Amazing home exercise sessions from the beautiful girls at Bottoms Up! Fitness, so that you can start moving your body in a way that’s truly aligned with your wellness goals and a bonus audio on extra tips on how to prevent and heal from adrenal fatigue.

Module 2: Cleansed MIND

This week is all about mindset and emotions. Getting your headspace and mood sorted is KEY for creating good habits, cultivating inner peace and feeling great (every damn day!). We’ll be diving into:

  • Depression: how to heal yourself naturally, reset your brain chemistry and keep your nervous system calm and balanced.
  • Healing and releasing anxiety the holistic way, so that you can leave the angst and worry behind.
  • How to clear your low moods and high stress in a way that feels really good to you (naturally!).
  • How to let go of negativity so that you can create a positive and powerful headspace and mindset.
  • My beautiful holistic tool kit for healing mind and mood. (Think: flower essences, herbs, EFT and other potent powerhouses).
  • PLUS: Kinesiologist Kerry Rowett’s expert guide on releasing emotional blocks.

Module 3: Cleansed SPIRIT

Way too many of us ignore our spiritual side in order to focus on the more immediate issues like food and fitness. But in this module, you’re going to see why the spiritual stuff is SO important for consciously healing, creating lasting change in your life and feeling really good inside your own skin. We’ll be delving inwards to discover:

  • How to let go of things that aren’t serving you (you know, like those icky feelings and past hurts that leave you feeling tight and trapped) so that you can finally feel free.
  • How to boost your energy through spiritual practices that you’ll really love doing for yourself.
  • Why being kind and gentle to yourself is the BEST thing you can do for your overall health (and how to shift your attitudes and beliefs to make it happen).
  • How-to guides for my favourite mindfulness tools (think: yoga, meditation, and journaling).
  • PLUS: An amazing video-meditation from Margot MacDonald – a heart-fuelled kinesiologist and yoga and Pilates teacher – to help you harness the power of conscious healing, and an insightful interview with meditation specialist and reiki healer, Sara Brooke, plus an extra BONUS guided meditation from Sara.

Module 4: Inspiration and Implementation

This week, we take a break from the in-depth content to give you a chance to take action and implement what you’ve learned. To keep you motivated and on track, I’ll be sharing my tried-and-true strategies for dealing with comparison and combatting a fierce inner critic. PLUS I’ll be teaching you a beautiful and powerful stress-release technique I use in my 1:1 kinesiology sessions with clients.


Module 5: Cleansed SPACE

The spaces around us are SUCH a big factor in how we feel and how we show up in the world, yet hardly ANY wellness programs address this aspect of our wellbeing. No longer! This week we’re going to be taking a closer look at the spaces around us to learn:

  • The 6 types of clutter, and the tools you need to address each one.
  • My strategies for releasing clutter, getting organised, and staying that way!
  • The hidden cost of clutter, and why it’s keeping you trapped in procrastination, resistance and low energy.
  • DECLUTTERING! Your spaces, your emotions, your relationships, everything.
  • PLUS: This week also has bonus extra content on EMOTIONAL EATING so your space (mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually) can start to feel really Cleansed. In this week’s workbook and audio, you’ll learn some of the best strategies for releasing charged emotions around food and your body, so that you can let the destructive patterns go for good. Plus, I share some of my insight and tips on how I healed myself from emotional eating in a bonus audio, ‘3 Ways to Release Yourself from Emotional Eating’.

Module 6: Cleansed LIFE

The final week is focused on perspective, growth and looking to the future. We’re putting all the pieces together and ensuring you’ve got the tools and tips you need to move forward with beautiful, glowing, radiant wellness. We’ll be digging in to…

    • A new approach to goal setting, intentions and figuring out where you want to be in the future. (This powerful exercise will set you up for success on ALL levels of your life.)
  • To keep you heading towards your goals, I’ll be sharing some strategies for overcoming self-sabotage and limiting beliefs, and taking the big leap in your Cleansed life.
  • How to maintain your newly cleansed body, mind, spirit and space PLUS how to sort out your priorities when things get overwhelming.
  • How to deal with setbacks and problems. What should you do if you start to feel down again? What should you do if you feel the clutter creeping back in? (This is the sort of stuff you’ll want to come back to again and again, long after the course has finished).
  • Reflecting (and celebrating!) on the leaps and bounds you’ve made since Module One of the course.
  • Laying the groundwork for transformation and growth. Because your Cleansed life is now a beautiful foundation on which to continue to discover yourself and all you can do in your life.

“After this eCourse, you’ll feel out of that rut and in a totally clear and happy headspace. It’ll be just the (nice) push you need to move forward with your awesome life plans!”

Samera Kamaleddine, Deputy Editor – Women’s Fitness

How it works…

As soon as you register, you’ll be able to login to the exclusive Members’ Portal and get immediate access to a pre-course package of worksheets, plus Module One, bonus resources and other goodies for you to download, save and even print out if you’d like.

You’ll also be invited to our private Facebook group to meet your fellow Cleansers.

Then, you’ll receive new content weekly. And, you’ll have lifetime access plus any updates will be yours, for free.

You can join us from anywhere in the world, as the whole course is run online.

And don’t worry – you can’t fall behind.

While the course is delivered weekly, you’re more than welcome to go at your own pace. That means if you’ve got a big project or event coming up, you can still enrol now, and dive in when you’re ready.

You’ll likely need to carve out 1-2 hours per week to go through the content, but remember, you’ll have exclusive and unlimited access to the content for the duration of the 6 week course, as well as ongoing for the lifetime of Cleansed. So there’s no room for overwhelm – just boundless wellness!

What you can expect out of the Cleansed eCourse…

  • The wellness strategies and advice I give my clients (think: professional kinesiology, naturopathic and nutritional advice)
  • Holistic strategies for common health issues – like digestive problems, adrenal fatigue, stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Gentle, support and repeatable strategies to help you release the mental and emotional blocks which are keeping you feeling stuck, disconnected and overwhelmed
  • Incredible advice and support from industry leaders across the country (think Kerry Rowett, the BottomsUp Fitness girls, Margot MacDonald, and Sara Brooke)
  • Decreased stress, anxiety and inflammation (which means more energy, a healthier body, better moods and clearer thinking)
  • A healthier, happier digestive system and nervous system, and nourished, supported adrenal glands (energy system!)
  • An increased sense of calm, a stronger intuition, and powerful mindfulness practices
  • Enhanced motivation and focus (and that amazing feeling of flow and momentum) that happens when you come back to yourself and your centre
  • More trust and confidence in yourself that you can reach your wellness and life goals with ease
  • A clearer and more focused mind
  • A grounded and more balanced energy

Enrolments Close In


Please stay in your browser after making payment as you’ll be directed to the eCourse Registration page. Please note, all pricing is in AUD and includes GST.


Registration closes at 3pm, Thursday 15th September 2016 (AEST).


Working with Cassie is always a beautiful experience.

She has the ability to get deep with you, and allow you to find out what it is that needs to be added into your life so you can move forward with growth and expansion.

For me, this eCourse has been a life changing experience. I now feel calmness and contentment in all areas of my life. I feel gratitude + love + support towards myself, and I feel that I radiate divine love to my entire being and the people around me. Cassie has guided me to open a gateway to my creativity towards life!

– Janette Brown, Kinesiologist & Founder of Inspire Freedom

After just finishing your Cleansed course, I can now say I am my most confident self.

You have opened the door for me to really go out into the world and treat each day as it is: a special moment that will never be replicated. I loved learning about EFT, meditation, toxic friendships (which I didn’t think I had the power to say goodbye to, until now!), and the effect our spaces have on our emotional and physical wellbeing. I feel more confident in being who I am and I’m less frightened of what the future holds – in fact, I’m excited that I don’t know what will happen! I can’t wait to live chapter 6, the Cleansed Life.

– Elizabeth Uhr, Canberra

I absolutely loved the Cleansed eCourse. It is such a beautiful program that empowers you to take ownership of your health & wellbeing and implement practices to help you live your best life. The lessons to take away from this course truly have the power to create massive change in your life!

This course has been so wonderful for me as I heal from Adrenal Fatigue. I am so grateful to have had this support and guidance on my journey to better health. It is helping me to understand why I burnt myself out and how to prevent it from happening again.

I really loved reading the workbooks each week, not only are they gorgeous but they are also packed full of wonderful information. The way they are written is so engaging and Cassie has a way of explaining things that make it so much easier to understand. Even after the course has finished, I still keep coming back to the cleansed workbooks and every time I walk away with something new to implement or focus on in my life.

Cassie is so AMAZING! She has so much knowledge and wisdom to share, she is inspiring, lovely, authentic & so passionate about health & wellbeing.

The cleansed e-course is an investment in your health & wellbeing – I highly recommend it!

– Sarah Nott, Melbourne


Want to hear some rave reviews?

Our last round of Cleansed Graduates achieved some truly inspirational results. It was my honour and privilege to guide them on their wellness journey. Here’s what they had to say…

I enrolled in Cleansed at a time when I had low energy, a foggy head and mysterious food sensitivities. Now, I’m feeling more positive and in control of my health.

I loved how Cleansed covers the physical, mental and spiritual elements of wellbeing, and I really enjoyed all the lovely recipes. I’d recommend this course to anyone – it’s a wonderful gift to the self and we all deserve that!

– Jane Kelly, Victoria

After Christmas and New Year, I was feeling sluggish, so I decided to take a course to cleanse my body and mind. I came across Cleansed and thought, “that’s exactly what I need!” I was right. I learnt so much about how the body works, cleaned up my diet, and created a great exercise regime. Oh, and that extra weight? It’s gone!

I would totally recommend this program to anyone who’s feeling a little ‘off’ for one reason or another.

– Kaoru Parkinson, Singapore

I highly recommend the Cleansed course for anyone who feels like they are not their best self at the moment, whether that’s physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

For twenty years I have been chasing the best remedy/practice/support to help me feel energised and alive but it was only through the Cleansed Course that I realised it is not one thing that will change my life for the better but a whole host of small, everyday things that I can easily do that will give me energy, while slowing me down.

Cleansed has given me the power, through education and helpful tips, to take control of my life and to do that one easy step at a time. Cassie’s delivery of information in such an informal, gorgeous manner is so friendly, easy to understand and empowering that it feels easy to achieve any next steps at your own pace.

Before doing Cleansed I was overhwlemed by the range of alternative therapies out there and the intensity of certain practices, now I simply feel empowered.

– Louise Nealon, Sydney


The Cleansed eCourse is truly special. Cassie’s depth of knowledge and soul-bursting passion for all things wellness blew me away.

It’s gorgeously designed, but even more than that, the heart and energy that’s actually in the content itself sings loud and clear. This stuff is seriously valuable and genuinely useful. Anyone who’s got adrenal issues, depression, crazy moods, or who’s just feeling a bit blah and cluttered will find immense wisdom inside the Cleansed eCourse. If you’ve been wanting to make a change, this is for you.

– Jessica Larsen, Wordslinger and Creative Consultant, Hello Wordsmith


What I love about Cass’ approach to health and healing is her genuine understanding of humans as holistic beings.

As a kinesiologist, I believe that nourishing the mind, body, AND soul allows for the greatest shifts to occur. Cleansed teaches exactly that. It provides plenty of information on wellbeing, and more importantly, offers practical ways to effortlessly implement it into your life. Plus, you have the added benefit of connecting with Cass, an inspiring woman who 100% walks her talk.

Clare Woodward, Transformational Life Coach & Kinesiologist, Woodward Institute


Having always loved the feel of what Cassie offers the wellness world, I was super excited to be part of the Cleansed program. I knew that it would be beautiful and well thought out, but never imagined that the content could be as informative and life changing as it was! Right from week one, we were let in on amazing little wellness secrets that we never knew existed. Everything was so simple to follow, like getting advice from a best friend and was able to be customised to anyone’s life situation.

Every aspect of wellness was covered and the only end result that was possible was to feel INCREDIBLE, organised, in balance and ready to take on anything!

Thanks so much Cass for the amount of hours, love, knowledge and passion that you have poured into the beautiful Cleansed program!

– Bec Sweeney, Creative Director, My Best Me


Cleansed is a gorgeous eCourse packed with information that is guaranteed to help you find wellness in 6 weeks – and to keep it up afterwards.

Cassie’s content is fabulous, and will set you up for a lifetime of clarity, energy and wellbeing. The course covers mind, body, and spirit, helping you to shift anything that isn’t serving you so you can live the most vibrant life. It is full of Cassie’s love, support and wisdom, and encourages you to sparkle on the inside and outside!

Amy Miller, Energy Healer & Writer, True Shining Self

After listening to Cass’ inspiring webinars, I enrolled in Cleansed, hoping it would help me feel more balanced. Five weeks later, and my anxiety is no longer an issue! I’ve discovered how to calm myself through the mind, and learnt loads about the healing power of herbs and teas. I looked forward to Sunday mornings spent reading the next week’s notes and working out how to put them into practice. With Cleansed, you get a ton of valuable information and encouragement – and none of the pressure.

You couldn’t possibly come away from it without picking up lifelong tips!

– Maria Attwater, Sydney


With her ecourse Cleansed, Cassie has created something that truly honours an holistic take on the concept of cleansing.

I loved every part of this course, and was blown away by how Cassie hits the perfect balance between content that’s love-soaked, practical and evidence based. Her conversational tone and stunning design makes each module super easy to consume, and the whole thing is packed with useful tools and thought provoking questions. If you want to feel better in every sense of the word: Get onto this now!

– Dr Kate Byrne, Business coach, Betty Means Business


“Cassie has created an absolutely EPIC offering in her Cleansed eCourse.

It’s perfect for anybody looking to give their internal and external world a spring clean. She holds your hand the entire way, providing beautiful videos, worksheets, digital planners and an abundance of expert advice. I loved the variety of topics explored: from bush flower essences and yoga to decluttering your space and reducing bloating. Everything is presented with love, and there is nothing left behind. I adore this course!”

– Claire Baker, Health Coach, This Is Lifeblood

I was drawn to Cleansed because I needed to get my head right – so many wellness programs cover the food side but not much else, and I knew this one was different.

I was right. I loved how you can work at your own pace, and how the support is there, but not ‘in your face.’ I now have more energy and mental clarity, and a greater understanding of how my fatigue was affecting so many different areas of my life. If you’re thinking of enrolling, go for it. You have so much to gain and absolutely nothing to lose!”

– Tracy Tattersall, Sydney


With countless eCourses on the market, it can be hard to choose one that is going to feel personal and be worthwhile.

I found Cleansed to be both of these things and so much more. As a super busy entrepreneur, it’s not always easy to find the time and resources to take care of my heart, soul and body, and Cleansed truly inspired me to dive into them all. Oh, and it goes without saying that Cassie is a beautiful health guide!

– Julie Parker, CEO and Founder, Beautiful You Coaching Academy


Cassie, your Cleansed e-course really had me hooked from the start. I love the way you inspire others to live a clean, calm and spirited life, then gently guide them on the journey, breaking things down into small, manageable pieces to implement from day-to-day. Your authenticity and genuine care for your Cleansed community really shows.

Your energy to create change and share your joy with those around you really makes you, and Cleansed, shine.

– Dani Hunt, Graphic Designer, Neverland Studio


Cassie’s Cleansed eCourse is where it’s at. It’s clear Cassie is on a mission to not only get you cleansed, but also educate you on what the hell is going wrong in the first place.

The information alone is invaluable. Thanks to her spiritual and scientific background, Cass makes sure you understand the ins and outs of your whole self – which means the results are long lasting. Cleansed isn’t just about eating healthy – it’s about getting your mind, energy and spirit on track. It’s perfect if you haven’t been feeling yourself lately but can’t seem to figure out why. Take 6 weeks to feel happier, healthier and whole again.

– Elizabeth McKenzie, Business Strategist and Life Coach, Your Highest Self


We are so grateful to have taken part in Cassie’s Cleansed program. Cassie has a wealth of knowledge, and in this program she shares bite-sized chunks of easy-to-understand information for a healthier, happier life. We can say without a doubt that we were inspired by Cassie’s emails and tasks every week (and the beautiful designs!). We absolutely loved interacting with the other participants through the Facebook group. What a gorgeous bunch of ladies!

If you’re thinking of doing Cleansed, take the leap and start improving your health today.

– Carla & Emma Papas,
The Merrymaker Sisters


The fact that this program is a complete body, mind and spirit cleanse makes it stand out from the crowd. I love how Cass educates you on each body system, and explains why we end up with certain ailments like allergies or anxiety. In my opinion, education is key – it’s the best motivation for making a change. Plus, it’s comforting to know that whatever you’re experiencing is ‘normal.’ The course is so beautifully set out, and Cass greets you with her friendly face each week – which makes it so much more personal.

This is such a great program. Big, big love to you Cass!

– Kate May Dalton, Founder, Mayde Tea


I’ve known Cassie for a few years and highly recommend her Cleansed eCourse to anyone wanting to overhaul their wellness for body, mind and soul.

Cassie’s eCourse is beautifully motivating & hugely informative. Going at your own pace allows for each module to be completed effectively with no pressure of having to keep up with others. Thanks Cassie!”

– Alison Morgan, Founder of Relauncher

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for Cleansed! I have enjoyed every moment of the course, and I can honestly say that I feel real change within myself. Every time I picked up one of the workbooks, I had an ‘aha!’ moment.

I am only at the beginning of my wellness journey, but I truly believe that Cleansed has been the best start possible.

– Rebecca Walker, Sydney


As soon as I started the Cleansed eCourse, I instantly felt a difference.

It’s unlike any other cleansing program I’ve done before. Cleansing our bodies is one thing, but when you also focus on your space, mind, spirit and life in general, you take yourself to a whole new level! Not only was I dropping kgs, I was also letting go of negativity and negative influences, and replacing them with more clarity, energy and focus. Cassie provides a wealth of knowledge and information and with my lifetime access to the ecourse, I love that I can always refer back to her notes when I’m in need of some motivation.

– Joanna Mitchell – The Healthy VA

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for Cleansed!! Cassie is so unbelievably generous in sharing her amazing wealth of knowledge, in the beautiful content she provides, and in the soft and comfy supportive environment she makes available.

Cleansed cracked me wide open. The gentle guidance provided and soft push toward self love opened up a whole new world for me, and has provided me with the skills to deal with pretty much anything that comes my way! It really is a whole mind, body, spirit experience.

On another note, as a natural medicine student, the course content better than any text book I’ve read! I will most definitely be popping everything I have learned into my toolbox to continually refer back to, and to put into practice when I one day have my own lovely clients.

– Chantelle van der Weyden, Hong Kong

What sets Cleansed apart from any other eCourse is Cassie’s unfailing generosity and continual support. She is constantly surprising me with all the added value she offers and she answers all the questions that you could possibly throw at her with compassion and clear guidance.

She is constantly surprising me with all the added value she offers and she answers all the questions that you could possibly throw at her with compassion and clear guidance. Everything from the content to the Facebook community is built upon a sound foundation of insightful advice, uplifting encouragement and incredible value. I have no doubt that this lady is a wealth of knowledge, and better yet she is so willing to share it so that you may have the most rewarding and empowering experience possible.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone from the absolute beginner to someone a little more seasoned. If you would like to take your wellbeing to new levels then this is most definitely the course for you.

– Fran Maspero, My Goodness Me


I have no doubt in my mind that Cleansed is a game-changer.

It is packed with information and lessons that you can implement in your life immediately, and Cass infuses the course with such genuine care for her participants. This kinesiologist, nutritionist, herbalist and naturopath (seriously, what a package!) takes holistic health to a new level. I was honoured to have her as mentor during Cleansed, and I recommend signing up if you are ready to learn how to heal that precious body of yours.

– Alice Nicholls, Writer & Nutritionist, founder of The Whole Daily

Before Cleansed, I was struggling with fatigue, lack of energy, and stress, which I soon discovered were all signs of adrenal fatigue.

Thanks to the knowledge and tools given in the course, I am now on the path to healing. I loved learning about natural health and medicine, and actually putting myself first for a change. I’ve taken so many things away from Cleansed: I am trying to slow down (and not feel guilty about it!) and be truly present in my own life. If you’re thinking of signing up, go for it! It’s life changing.

– Elisa Franklin, Sydney


Cassie pours so much love into everything she puts out into the world.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Cassie behind the scenes as she’s created and evolved her Cleansed program and I know she’s always asking questions like: How can I make this program even more incredible for participants? How can I make Cleansed even more beautiful and inspiring? How can I add more depth and insight? Cassie deeply cares about her clients and course participants and you’ll see that infused throughout every piece of the Cleansed course work. Get ready to be inspired. This is a truly wonderful program. Dive in!

Kerry Rowett, Kinesiologist at Awaken Kinesiology

Enrolments Close In


Please stay in your browser after making payment as you’ll be directed to the eCourse Registration page. Please note, all pricing is in AUD and includes GST.

Registration closes at 3pm, Thursday 15th September 2016 (AEST).


Your burning questions, answered!

How is the course content delivered?

As soon as you sign up, you’ll have instant access to the members area where you’ll find pre-course goodies, as well as the first module waiting for you. Then new content will be released in the Members’ Area each week for the 6 weeks of the course.

The course is delivered online, so you can join in from anywhere in the world.

Each week’s content includes videos, audios, worksheets, a beautifully designed PDF print-out, social media badges and more. You’ll have access a bunch of helpful resources (think: a professionally-recorded grounding meditation, shopping lists, meal planners, wallpapers, inspirational quotes, food diary, self-care planners and more) PLUS amazing interviews with leading industry experts (seriously, these ladies rock my world!).

On top of all that, you’ll have lifetime access to the course, as well as the exclusive Cleansed Facebook community. This is our online space for caring, sharing, fist-pumping and cheering each other on. You’ll be able to ask questions, share your experiences and connect with beautiful souls. (The energy in this group last round? Off the charts.)

There are also two bonus live group coaching calls, during Module 3 and Module 6.

What if I am travelling in the middle of the course, or think I’ll be really busy during this time? Can I fall behind?

Nope, lovely! You can’t fall behind. You can complete the course week-by-week, or in your own time when it suits you. There is no rush to get through the content.

Will my access to the course close at the completion of the 6 weeks?

Absolutely not. You have lifetime access to the course and can log in and come back to the course content at any time. You’ll also be able to participate in future rounds of the course, and enjoy any upgrades or bonus content that is added in the future.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Due to the way I’ve outlined the course on this page, the nature of the product offering, and because you get instant access to such a huge selection of healing, cleansing and supportive resources + documents (and that’s just on the Bonuses page!) unfortunately I am unable to provide refunds for change of mind.

Nothing in this policy though, affects the rights you may have as a consumer under the Australian Consumer Law.

I want to support you in any and every way I can. But… you need to show up and be committed first (and I know you can, when you get that deep inner sense that something needs to change, and a feeling that this course is right for you). You also need to know that you’re worthy of change, healing, health, wellness and happiness.

If you’re not sure if this course is for you, please get in touch and I’ll answer any questions you may have.

I’m a health professional / life coach / wellness coach / naturopath / kinesiologist / nutritionist; do you think I could claim this for CPE points or tax purposes?

It’s possible you could claim this for CPE points, as it includes medical science information, and nutritional and herbal medicine information. (If it was me, I would definitely be claiming this course for CPE points!)

You can definitely claim this course for tax purposes, as it’s deepening your knowledge and expanding your expertise. Sounds good to me!


Cassie Mendoza-Jones

(That’s me!) I’ll be leading you through the course, and hanging out with you in our Facebook group to answer all your questions. I’m the author of You Are Enough, a kinesiologist, naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and speaker.

With a soft spot for fellow perfectionists, a gentle approach to healing, and a focus on energy and emotions, I use a combination of kinesiology, coaching and naturopathy to support women in clearing overwhelm, getting unstuck, increasing their self-confidence and feeling more aligned to their best life. I also work with entrepreneurs, healers, coaches and creatives who want to get clear on their vision and goals, clear blocks to success, and grow their business from a space of ease and flow (without burning out in the process).

Through my writing, online courses and guides, private sessions and social media presence, I support women in raising their confidence, their self-worth and their energy.

My lessons and insights have been featured in national and international publications such as Collective Hub, CLEO, Body + Soul, Women’s Fitness and Gourmet Traveller, and on popular websites such as The Daily Guru,,, Sporteluxe, marie claire and I’ve spoken at events and workshops around Australia for a variety of companies such as Barre Body, New Balance, LinkedIn, Morgan Stanley and Eat Fit Food.



Libby Babet & Alicia Beveridge

Libby and Leash are the Founder and General Manager of Bottoms Up! Fitness, Bondi’s largest outdoor training business just for girls. BUF is all about creating unique fitness classes that leave women feeling empowered, strong, and best of all, excited about working out. By mixing it up, they make exercise a fun and stimulating experience, every time.

BUF’s program comes with a side of education about creating a healthy lifestyle, mindset, and eating habits (without mentioning the “d word” – diet – or dragging out the scales). The BUF crew believe fitness and strength goes beyond just looking good; being active opens up a whole new world of self-sufficiency, mental clarity, and social bonding. Their aim? To make people really want to create change for themselves.


Kerry Rowett

Kerry is a Kinesiologist at Awaken Kinesiology who works with her predominantly entrepreneurial clients via Skype to help them clear blocks and move forwards confidently towards their goals. She is the creator of the e-course, DIY Kinesiology Kit and the Align + Attract course.


Margot Macdonald

Margot is a Pilates and yoga teacher, and kinesiologist. She has a very gentle, personable and balanced approach to health and wellness. Her aim is to help you achieve complete health – a healthy body, mind and spirit – as she believes that when we are healthy we can be present, and in being present we can be who we are truly meant to be, living our purpose, and living our fullest potential.


Sara Brooke

Sara Brooke is the creator of The Space In Between. A Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer, Sara works with people who are seeking deeper truth and meaning to their lives by helping them discover their innate power, connect to their inner compass and trust their heart’s truth.

Sara provides a selection of transformative and empowering healing sessions, classes, workshops and professionally mixed and mastered meditations, to assist people to bring their mind, body and spirit into alignment and harmony.

Enrolments Close In


Please stay in your browser after making payment as you’ll be directed to the eCourse Registration page. Please note, all pricing is in AUD and includes GST.

Registration closes at 3pm, Thursday 15th September 2016 (AEST).