Hey, I’m Cassie Mendoza-Jones, a kinesiologist, naturopath, writer and author-to-be

I want to help you upgrade your health and your life – what you eat, how you think, but also what you say “yes” to… and what you say “no” to.

My work is for you if you never think you’ve done enough, if you struggle with fatigue, burnout, brain fog, overwhelm and stress… if you’re ready to let go of limiting beliefs, fears and worrying thoughts that consume you, and if you know deep down that life would be so much sweeter if you believed you were truly good enough…

(Which, by the way, you already are.)

Lets work together?


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It’s okay if you don’t catch a fish
Cassie Mendoza-Jones let go surrender YOU ARE ENOUGH book Hay House By Cassie | On Tuesday 9/02/16 I recently found myself watching an episode of Life Below Zero, a fascinating documentary-type series that takes you behind-the-scenes of life in Alaska The show follows a few different families and intrepid loners, showing their day-to-day life, and how they manage through the “Dark Winter” (so Game of Thrones, right?).… READ MORE >
You are more than your external success
Cassie Mendoza-Jones Author You Are Enough Hay House By Cassie | On Thursday 28/01/16 I used to think that my self-worth was based on my success If things were going really well in my life, I felt worthy. I felt on top of the world. But then if something felt like a flop, I felt about *this* big. Like a failure, like I had… READ MORE >
Listen to my podcast interviews
listen to my pocast interviews cassie mendoza-jones By Cassie | On Tuesday 19/01/16 I love listening to, and being interviewed on, podcasts On this page you’ll find all the podcasts I’ve been lucky enough to be featured on. I’ll keep updating this list so feel free to pop back here and check it out again. And if you have a podcast and you’d… READ MORE >