Hey, I’m Cassie Mendoza-Jones.

As a kinesiologist, naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist, I want to help you upgrade your health and your life – what you eat, how you think, but also what you say “yes” to… and what you say “no” to.

How do I do this? I help women tune in to the natural wisdom of their bodies, and follow its lead.

I work with women who are perfectionists, who are struggling through fatigue, burnout, brain fog, stress, anxiety, and depression, and who know deep down there’s so much more to life than this.

Ready to let go of limiting beliefs, fears, & worrying thoughts which consume you… constantly?


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Because ultimately, it’s all about freedom & harmony…

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Are you craving freedom + harmony in your body and life?
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How to set goals for 2015 (and how to align yourself with success)
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How to show up (even when you’re scared)
How to show up (even when you're scared) By Cassie | On Friday 12/12/14 Sometimes life asks us to SHOW UP Sometimes, we’re ready. Other times? Not so much. Sometimes stepping up means making big decisions that we don’t feel ready to make. Or going to the next level in our business, or in a relationship. Or saying yes to something we don’t know… READ MORE >
What’s on my summer reading list
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