Hey, I’m Cassie Mendoza-Jones, a kinesiologist, naturopath, writer and author-to-be

I want to help you upgrade your health and your life – what you eat, how you think, but also what you say “yes” to… and what you say “no” to.

My work is for you if you never think you’ve done enough, if you struggle with fatigue, burnout, brain fog, overwhelm and stress… if you’re ready to let go of limiting beliefs, fears and worrying thoughts that consume you, and if you know deep down that life would be so much sweeter if you believed you were truly good enough…

(Which, by the way, you already are.)

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EV_BodyFreedomTips_Promo By Cassie | On Thursday 1/10/15 I’ve created a free 5-day Body Freedom Tips mini course, and I’d love to invite you to join me in it   I made this free course for a few reasons: :: I know what it’s like to be incredibly hard on myself with how I look, to set rules… READ MORE >
Writing my book, part 1: The proposal
Writing my book, part 1, The proposal, Cassie Mendoza-Jones By Cassie | On Wednesday 23/09/15 This is the first post in a series I’m working on that highlights my book writing process I keep getting asked how I got my book deal (here’s the story), how it’s going (so well!), do I have any tips (so many!) and other fun questions about this adventure, this… READ MORE >
Letting go of undreamy dreams
letting go of undreamy dreams, Cassie Mendoza-Jones By Cassie | On Wednesday 16/09/15 I recently let go of a dream that wasn’t feeling very dreamy anymore And it felt… amazing. That wasn’t what I expected. I expected there’d be tears, hair pulling, a slight panic, a sense of mourning, perhaps even self-pity that I was letting a dream go, and wasn’t I good… READ MORE >