Hey, I’m Cassie Mendoza-Jones, a kinesiologist, naturopath, writer and author-to-be

I want to help you upgrade your health and your life – what you eat, how you think, but also what you say “yes” to… and what you say “no” to.

My work is for you if you never think you’ve done enough, if you struggle with fatigue, burnout, brain fog, overwhelm and stress… if you’re ready to let go of limiting beliefs, fears and worrying thoughts that consume you, and if you know deep down that life would be so much sweeter if you believed you were truly good enough…

(Which, by the way, you already are.)

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My new meditation album is out now
Cassie Mendoza-Jones_EV_-Meditation_BreatheAndReceive 2 By Cassie | On Tuesday 1/12/15 When we create space to connect with ourselves through meditation, we honour ourselves on a very deep level   I know how busy and stressed we can get in our lives, and I also know how much calmer and more connected we can feel (to ourselves, to others, to source… READ MORE >
How to cleanse and balance your chakras
How to cleanse and balance your chakras meditation energy Cassie Mendoza-Jones By Cassie | On Thursday 26/11/15 Our chakras are subtle energy centres that manage the flow of energy related to all areas of our lives   They are our personal power centres.   They’re similar to our physical organs, except they operate at a much higher frequency*.   The word chakra means, in Sanskrit, “spinning… READ MORE >
How to not get sick before your holiday
Cassie Mendoza-Jones kinesiology naturopathy stay healthy for the holidays By Cassie | On Monday 23/11/15 I got a chest infection on my honeymoon   I landed in Maui with my new hubby, and promptly realised I’d not only forgotten my ventolin (sorry, Mum!) but that I was feeling a little niggling tightness in my chest. Anyone with asthma or a history of chest infections will… READ MORE >