I’m Cassie Mendoza-Jones, a passionate kinesiologist, naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist who believes in the healing power of nature.

Are you the girl who feels stuck or blocked, unable to move past it?

I help women tune in to the natural wisdom of their bodies, and follow its lead. My philosophy is rooted in intuitive health, natural wholefoods, and working with your body. With this hands-on, holistic approach, I have helped hundreds of clients on their journey to wellbeing, body harmony, and bounce-out-of-bed energy.

I work with women who are perfectionists, who are struggling through fatigue, burnout, brain fog, stress, anxiety, and depression, and who know deep down there’s so much more to life than this.

I work with women who want to let go of limiting beliefs, fear, and worrying thoughts which consume them, constantly.

I also help women who don’t feel at home in their skin. Digestive issues? Confused about how to look after yourself? Feeling stuck? Feeling unworthy?

So this is what we do; Kinesiology helps clear and organise your energy so you’re open to receiving, so you can tap into your inner strength and resilience, and align to your goals; it’s conscious goal setting at it’s very best. It helps clear self-sabotages, calm your mind, and shift that stuck feeling. It helps you work out what the next step is. Coupled with naturopathy, and holy bliss balls, we have the most beautiful combination of holistic healing therapies to help you feel brand new.

Healthily ever after starts here…

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